American Craftsman Homes is an award-winning, high-end custom design build firm celebrated for its deep commitment to the highest level of building values and design practices. Whether traditional or contemporary, formal or informal, each and every American Craftsman Home features impeccable craftsmanship, serious architectural ambition, and genuine originality. Meanwhile, highly-nuanced layers of detail serve to add refinement, comfort, and highly personalized artistry to each and every American Craftsman Homes living space.

Smart Building

American Craftsman Homes owners, Pete Williams and Thomas Williams have been in the construction industry together for about 15 years - from both the real estate side to the actual construction of the homes.

Our experience over the past 15 years has developed one of the most knowledgeable, meticulous and detail oriented builders in Georgia.


American Craftsman Homes brings unprecedented warranties to your home.

Beginning with the protection of your home from water damage all the way to the final interior finishes, we truly care about the home that is built for you. Our passion is to build your home that will last throughout the years and make you proud to share the joy of your new, long lasting home.

Happy Clients

Integrity and respect are the cornerstones of a successful relationship between home buyer and home builder.

We build where we live and thrive on the feedback we get from our clients and neighbors.

Our greatest reward is when people tell us how they love the home we built for them more and more every day.

The Team

Pete Williams | Co-Founder | American Craftsman Homes

Pete & Stephanie Williams


Pete has been in the construction industry for 20 years and has worked hands on in every part of new home construction. He is our lead estimator, and runs all field operations. His wife, Stephanie, works on the interior and exterior design aspects of every home, along with assisting clients with design decisions. As a team, they work together to provide the best level of quality, attention to detail and care. .

Thomas Williams | Co-Founder | American Craftsman Homes

Thomas & Tiffany Williams


Thomas has been in the construction industry for the past 15 years. Before that, his background was in real estate and marketing. Thomas and Tiffany currently run the day-to-day office operations at American Craftsman Homes, and oversee the marketing programs and scheduling of crews.

Jay Mele | Operations Manager | American Craftsman Homes

Jay Mele

Operations Manager

Jay grew up in New Jersey and he prides himself in helping others. ALL AMERICAN EXTERIORS happens to be just the perfect and diverse platform where he extends his services daily. When it comes to problem solving, Jay believes that a task becomes impossible only when one stops trying to find the solution. At ALL AMERICAN EXTERIORS, he oversees the daily office and project operations.